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Our starter kit takes care of the legal requirements before your nanny starts working and also helps you to set the right foundation for your future relationship

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Registering with us means that you can interview more nannies than ever before in a shorter period of time. How is that possible? All of our registered families and nannies benefit from a built-in video chat function, which we encourage to use before meeting face to face. That means you can interview as many candidates as possible directly on our platform via your phone or laptop. From now on, arranging complicated Skype or phone calls are the past – we are the future.

What our clients say

My Nannies was absolutely great in helping us to find our nanny. The not just supported us during the search they also sent us a very sweet starter package to ensure we have everything we need before our nanny can start working for us. Being first-time parents we were very anxious to hire a nanny at first, but thanks to My Nannies we were able to find a superb nanny who we can trust. 


Mother in London

A great and affordable way to find a nanny in London! Unlike other platforms, we knew that we always have an expert on our side who also vets all nannies before introducing them to us. They really listened and we were only introduced to nannies who match what we were looking for. We couldn’t be happier with the nanny My Nannies found for us – thanks so much for all your help! 


Father in London

You don’t want to spend a few thousand pounds for a traditional nanny agency?

We believe that every family deserves a great nanny & service. Therefore, we offer you a solution to find quality childcare that will save you time and won’t break the bank. 


What is a nanny share

In this blog post, we explain to you everything you need to know about nanny share. A nanny share can be a great idea not only to keep your costs low but also for your children to make new friends. However, there is some preparation involved and important things to keep track of. Let’s show you what you should consider and how a nanny share works.

How to write a professional looking nanny resume?

Read our nanny resume guide if you would like to find out how to get the double amount of interview requests and more job offers than ever before. We show you how simple it can be to write a professional resume in no time. Make your profile stand out and attract more potential employers.

What should a nanny contract include?

Before your nanny can officially start working for you, you need to set up a nanny contract. Read our list which includes some tips on what you should definitely include and think of before your nanny’s first day of work. In addition to that, we highly recommend seeking help from a legal professional.

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