Why you should consider using a nanny journal

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Trusting someone to look after your children can be one of the most difficult things. Maybe you have been wondering, what your is nanny doing with your children all day? What if there is an emergency? How does your nanny react when your child gets sick?

With that in mind, we believe that it is not enough to just find and hire a qualified, professional nanny. It is equally as important to build a trusting relationship with your nanny which requires constant work. In order to do that you should sit down with your nanny regularly and reflecting about what happened during the day. But let’s be honest – after a hectic day at work, would you be able to remember every single detail that happened? And this might not be a great deal for an average 9-5 job but can have fatal consequences when working with children.

For this reason, we decided to create something that keeps all the important information in one place. In addition, it should give nanny’s the possibility to document everything that happened throughout the day and keep parents in the loop. And from there the idea of the My Nannies Journal was born. Here is a list of 6 reasons why you should use a nanny journal:

It is for free! (if you find a nanny through us)

That’s right, we genuinely care about your children’s wellbeing and want you to have a long and successful relationship with your nanny. That is why we send you a My Nannies Journal free of charge if you were able to find a nanny through us. And who doesn’t like a free present?

Alternatively, you can also order our My Nannies Journal on Amazon.

It helps your nanny to detect illnesses or developmental issues early on

Documenting sleep, appetite, and mood of your child will help you and your nanny to detect any patterns that might be concerning. And the earlier this is noticed the better and more effective the treatment can be.

Your child will be better supported in each development stage

By using our My Nannies Journal your nanny will write down each activity they have done during the day and what skills have been practised. This helps him/her to get a better overview and idea on what aspects of your child’s development your nanny should focus on. And this will ultimately benefit your child.

There will never be any misunderstandings with working hours or salary

Your nanny will keep track and document the working hours each day. This will protect you as well as your nanny and avoid any confusion or misunderstandings of overtime or missing payment.

Your nanny knows what to do in case of an emergency

People react very differently when facing an emergency situation and might even get into a state of shock. That is why working with emergency checklists is nothing unusual in certain professions. For this reason, we included space for you to insert emergency contact details as well as an emergency meet up point. This will ensure that your nanny knows who to call and where to go if he/she ever gets in such a situation.

No important information will get lost

We are all humans and make mistakes or forget about things. Most of the time, this is not a big deal, but sometimes it can have fatal consequences. For example, what if your nanny had to give medicine to your child but did not mention it to you? Or worst case scenario: what if your child ever gets an allergic reaction from it and you are in the hospital uninformed of what and when medicine was supplied? Obviously, your nanny must also inform you before giving out medicine, however, in such a situation it is still a good idea to have the exact time written down on paper.

As a parent you will always face new situations that you are might not be prepared for. That is why we as a nanny agency want to take the stress of finding and keeping quality childcare away from you. We know that having an expert partner on your side will be extremely valuable during the process of employing a nanny as well as working with him/her.

Leave the hard work to us and let’s start your nanny search today.

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