What is a nanny share

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In this blog post, we explain to you everything you need to know about nanny share. A nanny share can be a great idea not only to keep your costs low but also for your children to make new friends. However, there is some preparation involved and important things to keep track of. Let’s show you what you should consider and how a nanny share works.

What is a nanny share?

A nanny share means that a nanny works for two families at the same time. This either means that the nanny works for both families on a part time basis in order to offer the nanny a full time contract. In other words, with this option, you could find a dedicated full time career nanny, even if your circumstances require that you only need part time help. The other alternative is that your nanny takes care of your and the other family’s children at the same time. Which is a great way for your children to socialise and for you to keep the costs you spend on childcare down.

What should you consider before entering a nanny share?

First of all it is important that you find a family who lives locally with children around the same age as your children. The next step is to discuss in which house the nanny will mostly take care of your children (if you require him/her to take care of all children at once). It is important that you are able to offer consistency, otherwise, this can get pretty chaotic. And finally don’t forget to determine that you are on the same page with the other family regarding food requirements, who pays what and how you would like your children to be entertained & educated.

During the interview process with different candidates, you should also discuss you and the other family’s holiday plans in order to ensure that your nanny will be able to take sufficient time off.

How do you split the costs in a nanny share?

This also depends. If you split the work evenly 50/50 with the other family or the nanny always works for you and the other family at the same time that this calculation is pretty easy. However, it gets more complicated if you both need you nanny for a different amount of hours. If this is the case, we highly recommend using our My Nannies Nanny Journal which we send to all families free of charge who hire a nanny through us. This journal will help your nanny to keep exact track of all working hours so you can calculate the costs between you and the other family.

Another thing to remember is to give your nanny access to cash he/she or a credit card for any expenses that occur during working hours. In addition, we also recommend using a trusted payroll service, for example our partner PAYE for nannies who can help you split the taxes and other contributions you have to make as an employer

How to find a nanny share?

Simply register with us for only £35 and we will assist you throughout your nanny share search.

We have lots of experience in finding nannies who are suitable for nanny shares and will assist you with:

  • Writing a compelling job advertisement which we will advertise on various job board
  • Filtering and vetting of candidates to find a nanny who is suitable for a nanny share
  • You with the set up of a nanny contract and payroll service

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