What is a nanny share

In this blog post, we explain to you everything you need to know about nanny share. A nanny share can be a great idea not only to keep your costs low but also for your children to make new friends. However, there is some preparation involved and important things to keep track of. Let’s show you what you should consider and how a nanny share works.

How to write a professional looking nanny resume?

Read our nanny resume guide if you would like to find out how to get the double amount of interview requests and more job offers than ever before. We show you how simple it can be to write a professional resume in no time. Make your profile stand out and attract more potential employers.

What should a nanny contract include?

Before your nanny can officially start working for you, you need to set up a nanny contract. Read our list which includes some tips on what you should definitely include and think of before your nanny’s first day of work. In addition to that, we highly recommend seeking help from a legal professional.

Why you should consider using a nanny journal

Trusting someone to look after your children can be one of the most difficult things. Maybe you have been wondering, what your is nanny doing with your children all day? Using a nanny journal can help you to develop a trusting relationship with your nanny. Read our 6 reasons why you should consider using one as well.

Common fears parents have when employing a nanny

Feeling jealous that your children could love your nanny more than you? Or are you anxious to leave a new nanny with your children and you are unsure what to do about it? These thoughts are not unusual when hiring a nanny. Find out more about the most common fears and how to deal with them.

Some nanny gift ideas to make your Christmas shopping easier

Have you been happy with your nanny this year? If so, show some appreciation in form of a holiday gift. You do not know what to get? Then you should definitely read our nanny gift holiday guide. In this blog post, we give you more information about the nanny industry standards and also have some gift ideas for you.

How to take a picture for your nanny profile

Your profile picture is the first impression a family will have of you. Families are more likely to click on your profile if you have a friendly profile picture. That is why we summarised the 6 steps on how to take and choose a picture that will help you to land your dream nanny job faster.

Nanny interview questions you need to ask

Are you unsure how to determine whether the nanny you are about to interview is a good fit for your family? Read our 6 step interview guide that will give you tips on how to prepare for the interview and ideas on what questions you could ask.